CSIT Second Model Entrance Exam 2073

Name of Students Marks Obtained Sangit Phuyal 30 Rahul Katuwal 21 Safal Thapa 51 Pranish Bimal 39 Sunil Thapa 36 Pratima Kadel 33 Sanjay Rawat 46 Sulav Panthi 59 Praban Shrestha 36 Srijan Lama 41 Pramita Chapagain 44 Rashi Kumar Jha 20 Karan Baral 42 Anil Baskota 44 Sandip Chaudhary 36 Ram

Django Workshop and Competition successfully conducted

CSITAN Association of Nepal and St. Lawrence College successfully co-organized “Django Workshop and Competition”. The final project demonstration competition was held on 18th Bhadra,2073 in St.Lawrence College. The event which was inaugurated by Principal of St.lawrence College,Mr Purushottam Maharjan had 8 Teams competing for the trophies. Judging panelists of the competition were

CSIT Model Entrance Exam 2073

Rank Name Marks(out of 100) 1 Rohit Marar 72 2 Sugam Sapkota 70 3 Sresta Malla Thakuri 62 4 Himal Gyawali 61 5 Kiran Gajurel 60 6 Sabin Pandey 58 7 Nelson Uprety 57 8 Ashok Pratap Shah 55 9 Arjun Khatri 49 10 Pramod Neupane 48 11 Ruby Chaulagain 44

Django Workshop and Competition – Day 3

With the end of the 3rd session, the 3 days workshop session of "Django Workshop and Competition" formally came to an end. Instructor of the workshop session and founder of Bits Innovation Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Santosh Purbey covered template rendering, authentication, Django form, GIT Vcs, Github, Simple HTTP Server, FTP in the

Django Workshop and Competition – Day 2

Today second day of "Django Workshop and Competition" was completed successfully.The program started formally with inauguration from respected Chairperson of St.Lawrence College Mr. Keshav Prasad Dangal. Instructor of this event Mr. Santosh Purbey completed his session on Django Models, Admin, Views,URL and HTML today.The attendees of the workshop were 42 students from

Career counselling for IT students of Orchid College

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