AGI: Doom or Boon for Homo Sapiens? seminar update

AGI: Doom or Boon for Homo sapiens? Wednesday, 26 August 2015 (9 Bhadra 2072) Venue: Russian Culture Center, Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu Duration: 2 hrs (1500 hrs - 1700 hrs)   Organizers: CSIT Association of Nepal (CSITAN) Nepal Russia ICT Society (NRICTS) Supporter: Media Partner: Sponsored By: Slash IT Solutions and Training

Why BSc CSIT ? : An Interview with Mr. Prakash Neupane

Mr. Prakash Neupane Ex-executive, CSITAN I was invited in some of the interaction program for encouraging student in BSc. CSIT, I saw most of students were confused with lot of advertisement of subject in newspaper and other media. Showing the syllabus and content doesn’t make big deal them cause most of them

How can i prepare for BSC CSIT Entrance Examination

It’s good to thinking about preparation before joining any program. And it more make sense to the course like BSC CSIT. There are few reasons why should you prepare BSC CSIT entrance exam. 1. The gap between your knowledge (+2) and your aim (BSC CSIT) is bigger than you imagine. 2. The